Pots (May 2012)

13 May
Pots by kathrynlinge
Pots, a photo by kathrynlinge on Flickr.

Today we rationalised our pot and pan collection. It was very liberating!!

Meat on a Stick (May 2012)

12 May
Meat on a Stick by kathrynlinge
Meat on a Stick, a photo by kathrynlinge on Flickr.

Anyone else as underwhelmed as I am?

Moisturiser (April 2012)

17 Apr
Untitled by kathrynlinge
Untitled, a photo by kathrynlinge on Flickr.

I accidentally read the back of my current moisturiser a few days ago, which is when I found out that it contains ‘a complete bio-network of essential nutrients and vitamins’. I bought it because I liked the smell…

Chicken stock (April 2012)

15 Apr
Chicken stock by kathrynlinge
Chicken stock, a photo by kathrynlinge on Flickr.

This mornings efforts include 5L of chicken stock (1L already in spicy lentil soup!)

Bento Box (April 2012)

14 Apr
Bento Box by kathrynlinge
Bento Box, a photo by kathrynlinge on Flickr.

My packed bento box lunches are never as pretty as some (see, for example: http://inspirationgreen.com/bento-box-inspiration.html), but still prettier than my normal plastic container (and much better portion control :-P)

Milly + Santa (January 2010)

13 Apr
Milly + Santa by kathrynlinge
Milly + Santa, a photo by kathrynlinge on Flickr.

Milly’s Santa squeaks, which is probably why she loves him so much. Two years on and I’m happy to report Santa is still with us, albeit a bit dirtier and about to lose a leg…

Hawaii Chopper (January 1 1980)

12 Apr
Hawaii Chopper by kathrynlinge
Hawaii Chopper, a photo by kathrynlinge on Flickr.

According to Flickr, this photo was taken on January 1 1980. Which means I never changed the date on this one… (Was actually more like December 27th 2010)

Jacob’s Ladder (April 2012)

10 Apr
Jacob's Ladder by kathrynlinge
Jacob’s Ladder, a photo by kathrynlinge on Flickr.

Jacob’s Ladder has ~ 240 steps and is a well known Perth exercise haunt. Today I went down and up 5 times, slowly. I am hoping to get quicker..

The Urban Orchard (April 2012)

9 Apr

Perth Cultural Centre: Urban Orchard

Perth Cultural Centre: Urban Orchard

I don’t get into the CBD very often, so it was actually a great surprise to me to see the Urban Orchard, in the Perth Cultural Centre. They had an impressive selection of thyme in their Mediterranean garden (I have 1).

Danger: Falling Morale (April 2012)

7 Apr
Guildford Hotel by kathrynlinge
Guildford Hotel, a photo by kathrynlinge on Flickr.

It was a real shame when the historic Guildford Hotel was seriously damaged in a fire back in 2008. But worse still, nothing has happened with the building since then – there is a public campaign to save the structure (http://www.savetheguildfordhotel.com/). I always feel sad when I drive by. (There is also a facebook page here:  http://www.facebook.com/savetheguildfordhotel)