Portfolio Finished!

24 Jun

Brian has eyes!


They’re not his eyes (my only photo of Brian is blurry and not very useful) and I’m not even sure they’re the most appropriate eyes for him (perhaps they should be brown??). But they do seem to be the eyes that I’ve always pictured him with. For some reason they give me a real feeling of deja vu.

(Please note that he is much straighter IRL – the photo seems to have come out all crooked. Photographing stuff also changes the colours and probably scanning stuff would be better. But I’m never going to do that unless I get a scanner at home. Hmmm… :-))

The final compiling of the portfolio last night was quite painless (except in my lower back! Two weeks of crouching on the lounge room floor has taken it’s toll). Given I had to paint Brian’s eyes and all, I compiled everything together quite quickly and was in bed by 1 am. Last year I was up to 2 at least. I had spent more time sorting what was going in that last time so perhaps it’s not such a suprise.

I’m pleased because Brian does look like a proper person – he’s in proportion – but he doesn’t really look like Brian so – as always I need to work on my relationships. My brother thinks he looks like Orlando Bloom, although I don’t see it myself. Just in case though I’ve actually titled it ‘Not Orlando Bloom!’

Just in case.

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