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Too Busy

25 Oct


From Gaping Void.

I’ve been meaning to post this image for a while cos I do feel like this quite often. I’ve just got back from lifedrawing – another good class, altohugh I’m not *super* happy with what I’ve produced. But ::shrug:: I was experimenting tonight and that in itself is a Good Thing.

(I have had 2 inspirations for the art meme I’m doing. Don’t quite know how they’ll be incorporated yet.)

No images yet cos all my artwork from tonight is still rolled up together. I’m away from tomorrow so I’ll put the best up from Graeme after the class next week…


23 Oct

I started a lifedrawing class 2 weeks ago – every Wednesday 6.30 til 9.15 pm. I had high hopes that I’d post about it regularly, but the first weekend I was sick in bed and last weekend I kinda forgot…

This post will try to make up for that.

I’m really enjoying the class, but it was intimidating walking in the first time. At least half the class have been going for quite a while – it felt a bit cliquey and the feeling was probably compounded by the fact that our tutor was away and we had a stand in who didn’t know who anyone was either. I was glad that I’d had the two years of classes beforehand (including some lifedrawing) otherwise I might have been quite overwhelmed! Anyway, once we got drawing it was fine and both that tutor and our real tutor are lovely. Both classes have followed the usual pattern – start off with a series of very short poses – 5 or 10 minutes at the most. Then onto longer poses, with the last of the night usually being about an hour or so. Being at the university is different than doing the courses through adult education. Firstly, the standard is higher (i think!) And it seems a bit more.. avant garde. New terms are being used – like ‘narrative’ and ‘tension’ (and others I can’t remember… :-/) and there’s definitely a sense that we’re not just thinking about the mechanics of drawing, we’re also thinking about composition and intent and, er, stuff (am still learning about this).

Our first tutor suggested we stuck up our art once we got home so we could think about our work. Mine lay rolled up for a couple of weeks – until yesterday when I hung it up on the lounge room door (so I won’t ruin the new paint job on the walls!).


This only includes the longer pieces. I have probably another 5 or 6 sheets of the quicker drawings too, which means I’m accumulating paper at a rate of knotts. I’ll porbably have to chuck out stuff in the long run.

We’ve had the same model for the past two weeks – Clare. My favorite thing about Clare is her hair – it’s short and curls about her ears. It makes her seem like a pixie. So far I’ve only worked in pencil or charcoal and overall I’m pretty pleased with the results.



I’ve been concentrating of drawing what I see – it’s a limitation of mine that I almost always end up trying to reproduce exactly what I see. However, it’ll be interesting to see how it goes this week. We’ll have a new model – Graeme – and I’m planning to try some stuff with pen and ink, which should be a lot more fluid and impressionistic. We’ll see.


23 Oct


Not art, but a cool photo all the same. I took this whilst out with my friend P who was visiting. It’s slightly blurry, but I think the fact that I got the bus in it makes up for that… 😉


6 Oct

A Stash of Culture

I’ve been thinking a bti about cassiphone‘s recent post on cultural stash – all the stuff in your head that you draw on to make something. In her case, she writes. In my case I, er, dabble 🙂 But I do think the general concept is the same. I have a certain sort of cultural stash because I am me – it’s heavy on science and maths and certain children’s television programs. It’s what I know and I do think it has a lot of potential. But I’ve realised that I *have* been adding to it, if not in the most structured manner. I have the ‘Encyclopedia of Fonts’ (must read it), books on colour, plus lots and lots of picturs that I get from galleries or cut out of magazines. ( And let’s not forget that one of the main reasons I bough Great Ideas II was for their covers!)

I’d like it if my collecting had more purpose, some sort of obvious direction, but it doesn’t. I’m hoping that it’s all going somewhere in my brain. I don’t really know if I understand that bit of my brain where my ‘art’ comes from. I’m just assuming it chugs along – mostly when i’m not looking – and I hope that it’ll pop out the occasional idea that will be useful in some way.

I’m not actually that thrilled with the top Cultural Stash image I did, but that’s what you get when you spend 15 minutes on something. Still it let me practice with the warp tool and transparency tool a bit – and the practice is needed. And it is possible to make strange and beautiful things from your cultural stash in short amounts of time…

A Stash of Culture

Can I repeat strange and beautiful cultural stash? Probably not – but I have a general idea how I did it and that idea can be stashed away… 🙂

The Fibonacci Shell

5 Oct

The Fibonacci Shell

(why does nobody believe me when I tell them maths is cool)


4 Oct

Psychoanalyse me. Why did I choose hate??

Round and round

BTW, my Encyclopedia of Fonts turned up. Seriously – it’s a book of fonts. I wonder if it’s even too hardcore for me.

Inspiration!! (of sorts)

4 Oct

I think this is really the sort of thing I actually want to do. Now if only I had something to say…

Round and round

(Ostensibly I’m learning how to use InDesign right now, but then I found the Type on a Path tool. Then I opened Illustrator…)