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My Week in Photos

26 May

A friend asked me one day whether I thought you’d get a better idea of a person by looking at pictures of them over time, or by looking at pictures of what they saw. I immediately answered ‘pictures of what they saw’ and I think we moved on to other subjects. But it didn’t end there. I kept thinking about the concept and decided I’d try it out – document my life by taking pictures of what I saw. I gave myself some parameters – one picture an hour for a week, starting the next day. This collection is the result.
Did it work? Well I didn’t take a picture an hour – sometimes I forgot and sometimes I wasn’t in a position to. However, I’m still quite pleased with the results. I averaged 10-15 pictures a day, despite flat batteries in my camera and other trials! The photos (by and large) aren’t *great*, but they’re a really nice mix of the important things, little things, and other things that happened during that week and (somewhat) documents a period of my life that is about to end.

I think I might extend the concept to a longer period of time – possibly one photo a day for a year. I’ll have to see.

Marble Art – The Space Invader

26 May

Space invader finished
Originally uploaded by kathrynlinge

One Bank Holiday weekend my friend A and I visited Italy. We saw some really cool marble art in a gallery in Florence. It was not the sort of marble art you might expect to be associated with Italy. Instead, it was made from children’s marbles, (apparently) glued together into the shape of a rocking horse. We’d just been discussing an upcoming visit by our mutual friend T – and his birthday – and so we decided to try and make some marble art for him.

Initially we were going to make T a marble robot (T likes robots), but it proved too hard. The trouble with robots is that it’s very hard to get a lot of detail into marbles. However, then A had to bright idea of ‘space invaders’! Being pixels to start with, the space invaders were much more appropriate for the medium 🙂

You can see an account of the full construction of our marble space invaders here. Although we envisaged the ‘invaders’ as wall hangings, you will notice that we didn’t get around to sorting out a way of fixing them to walls! I’m afraid we were rather pressed for time, and our efforts in that direction were limited to shoving a length of brass picture wire in with T’s present and leaving hom to sort out that for himself :-/ I’m rather keen to try my hand at other marble art projects some time in the future – and I’ll definitely try and look at ways for fixing or displaying them then. Any suggestions will be most welcome!