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Hardest! Pose! Eva!!

3 Oct

Lifedrawing 2/10/07

This is the 10 minute pose from last night. It was an unusual pose for 10 minutes – normally they’d be more dynamic, with the ‘floor’ poses reserved for longer poses later on. It was also an unusual pose (at least from my position) because the bodyshape is very different from normal. In most poses there will be markers – legs and arms – to define the shape. This body is mostly a vast expanse of back, which was actually quite alien to draw. It was a good challenge, although perhaps not one I was up to on the night. I was tired and the time restraints meant I was pretty slapdash. I think it turned out ok, although the hands are either quite stylised or a bit of a mess. I’m becoming used to going through an OMG This is a disaster!! moment halfway through almost every drawing I do, but I normally manage to turn it round – sometimes a little, sometimes a lot.

The model from last night was very drawable. She had a geat bum