Moo Holiday Card Competition

11 Nov

I’ve spent my week drawing Christmas cards. This was something I was *totally* meaning to do this year, but rapidly not getting around to. (I managed to not get around to it last year too). However, then MOO announced their Holiday Card Competition and I was suddenly compelled into action.

Here are the two images I’ve made up so far:

It just isn't Christmas without... It just isn't Christmas without...

I think the pudding card is fairly self explanatory, but if you are currently going ‘Dude! WTF??’ about the brussels sprout card, then let me explain. I moved to the UK in early 2003. In a lot of ways it’s a very similar places to Australia, but in other ways it’s not. In the weeks leading up to my first Christmas there, I was fascinated to find that there were brussels sprouts everywhere. Supermarket catalogues were advertising them fresh, frozen, and even tarted up with chestnuts or bacon. I’ve never been a big fan of them myself so the fact that they were such an integral part of the English Christmas dinner was a big spin out. So the brussels sprout card is a tribute to the four years I spent in the UK and the limited green vegetables they have in winter (unless they’re flown in from Spain or Israel out of season, which is *wrong*!)

Long live hardy winter veges!!

Both cards were made up using a similar process to planeterry‘s art meme picture. I drew pencil sketches first, then photographed the pictures and imported them into Illustrator to ‘draw’ over the top. I drew the brussels sprout card first, as it was my inspiration, but if i’m honest I think the pudding card is better :-O. I’ll be using the same sort of technique to also make up some (non-Xmas themed 🙂 pictures for the Swancon Art Show so it’s been really good practice for that.

I’ve also entered an image I drew for Christmas 2005 cos, you know, I had it lying around. I’ve always thought it was a pretty image, but a bit boring because of the white space around it, however, I tried it out in the MOO image selector and, actually, it looks really good cropped so I will be ordering some of that along with the new images.

It’s been really interesting to see what other images other people are putting in. The Flickr pool is going nuts (which, to be honest, makes it freaking impossible to find designs once you’re in MOO). There were about 1200 photos (and 750-odd members) when I first found out about it last Saturday. Now there’s 2200 plus photos and almost 1200 members. Some of them are really good, some of them are nice (but not very original) and some are totally WTF.

I have plans to draw at least one more card for the competition (phase three), and possibly a fourth if I can think of a suitable subject. It’d be great to make one up that reflects the Australian holiday season – or at least one that isn’t so rabidly traditional. I know lots of people don’t subscribe to the traditional Chritsmas – or even celebrate Christmas at all. Suggestions are most welcome!!

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