My *Other* Christmas Project

4 Dec


Last year cassiphone sent me an awesome quilted and embroidered christmas tree as part of the art meme project. This was good, as the year before I’d had to rely on the Christmas parsley for my tree (although to be fair it did have it’s own considerable parsley charm). Both me and my mother (a hardcore quilter) were very taken with cassiphone‘s tree and we wanted to do something similar so a couple of Sundays ago we sat down and made some of our own:

Trees in a row

There are a couple of differences between the ones me and Mum made and cassiphone‘s. Firstly, ours are much smaller – playing card sized – and so would probably be used as a tree decorations, rather than decorations in their own right. They’re not very puffy and, therefore, not very quilted, which is probably just as well cos my hand sewing can be less than neat. Speaking of hand sewing, ours are all machine sewn (apart from finishing the seam and the beading) using a technique called foundation piecing. Here you sew material onto a piece of tracing paper with the design traced on it – not cutting of pieces required!! The technique was pretty quick and I was able to knock out 9 of these babies in 2-3 hours. The design itself was open to lots of variation in terms of the patches that actually make up the tree – each one is individual. And if you make a mistake, you just add another piece of material! (This happened several times to me 🙂

Mum was thrilled that I was sewing again, which I’ve done on and off (mostly off) over the years. Since the flurry of activity on that Sunday, I have handsewn all the trees along their open seam and I’ve beaded one of them (see above). I’d like to try some swirls like cassiphone did, but we’ll have to see if my hand sewing is up to it. Now that my last MOO Holiday Card Competition Entry is completed, I’ll try to finish them off this week.

(I’m not sure if this project constitutes one of my 2007 new year resolutions – I’ll have to check on the wording. I’m so far behind on my other resolutions, it probably doesn’t matter!)

3 Responses to “My *Other* Christmas Project”

  1. stephcampisi at 1:20 am #

    Those are fantastic! They’d make great little pressies.

  2. kathrynlinge at 5:17 am #

    Presents is my plan 🙂

  3. cassiphone at 10:59 am #

    Oh! I am such a muse

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