21 Dec

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After 4 years in the UK, I am continually amazed as just how blue the sky is in Australia. You have to look straight up to see this blue, outwards to the horizon, the blue becomes paler.

(I learnt, I think, from UK home decorating shows about how the quality of light changes around the world. In the mediterranean, they have strong light, appropriate for strong colours – probably similar to Australia. England, however, the light is much softer – more suitable to pastels or greys. It’s lovely, in it’s own way, but it’s not blue, like this)

2 Responses to “Blue”

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  2. calla_s at 3:50 am #

    Yes! Even when the sky *is* clear, it’s just not anywhere near the same. I fully umderstood this when I went straight from the UK to Spain, and it was like home again (and I finally got why Brits go on cheap holidays to tacky beach resorts there)

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