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Dalek Postcards – Arrived!

4 Jan

Dalek postcards

I finally received my Dalek postcards today and they’re even better than I expected! The colours have come out beautifully and they’re also laminated, which adds an extra dimension to the (shiny) Dalek. I donated three packs of ten cards to the ASiF! December Donation Drive and these will soon be winging thier way to catsparx, Garth Nix and benpayne. Congratulations on your excellent taste 🙂

(NB: Also received the greetings cards made from my Chrissy gum tree pics. I was so excited by the Daleks that I haven’t even looked at them yet, but expect some pics of them in the next day or two. Unless they’re awful :-O)

(I’m pretty confident they won’t be awful 😉

Vector Magic – Aiiee!

2 Jan

I spent a good two plus weeks, several hours a day producing this image:

Christmas Day

It’s a mish mash of a couple of different photos, including this one:

Gum Tree reference

However, about half way through, Boing Boing had an article about Vector Magic, which converts photos to vectors. OMG!, I thought at the time, what’s the point of me doing this, if a computer will do it for me???

Anyway, I tried it out a week or so ago and got this in, like, 30 seconds:


It was an interesting exercise. After drawing it, I’m *really* familiar with this pic, so some bits of of the vectorised picture just jump out of me. This is a much more complicated image than what I was able to do – the background is just so detailed. However, the limitation of Vector Magic is that you just get a vectorized picture of whatever you submit – you can’t modify it in anyway. For example, the baubles I drew in the final picture were actually from a different photo. So, all up, I’m ok with the fact that it takes me much (much) longer to make a vector image. I’m still hanging out to see the cards I produced from my gum tree pics – hopefully thay’ll turn up some time this week!

Christmas Decorations, Redux

2 Jan

I never did update on the Christmas Tree Decorations that I made about a month ago, so while I’m in the mood I’ll do it now 🙂

Beaded Trees

Out of the nine I made, I managed to embroider six (and give them away too – often using them as present tags). It takes a lot more time to embroider a tree than it does to make it up in the first place – an evening or more! And, while, I liked them all (although some more than others), I also quite like the plain ones too – you can see the patchwork better.

Anyway, you can check out my FLickr set for more pictures of the trees and also some pics of other decorations we’ve had in the decoration box for years now. They might be something I’d like to make more of next year.

And this one is the one that started it all off – I got it from my teacher in grade two and it’s 25 years old now!!

My bauble