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Ditmar Modding

24 Mar

It was lovely to be awarded the Ditmar for Best Fan Art last night at the rather fabulous ceremony arranged by mynxii. The design of the award itself is… unusual. I can honestly say I never expected it to look like this, but I think it’s growing on me. (I think 🙂 Best of all, though, it required modification once I got it home, as they were not labeled when we got them. It had been recommended that we stick the label on with super glue, but I was a bit worried it’s make the ink run so I ended up using double sided sticky tape with great effect. Congrats to all the winners – I’m looking forward to modding the other ASif!/Twelfth Planet Press awards, as well as asimum‘s, if she’ll let me 🙂

Ditmar Modding

Finished Award