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MOO Sticker Competition

23 May

So the MOO Sticker competition books are now on sale, including my design, Ciggie. Unfortunately, though, it’s not been quite the buzzy experience that I might have hoped for. In fact, it’s been rather an anticlimax.

The major ‘prize’ for this competition was a year-long Flickr Pro account. However, I suspect most of the artists that entered the competition were probably more interested in the other ‘rewards’ they were offering: firstly the opportunity to be included in a MOO product and also a bio and link somewhere on the MOO website.

I receved the gift code for the Flickr account a couple of weeks ago, but I was still wondering when they were going to ask us for bio and links when all the winners got an email:

As you may have seen, the special StickerBook with the 90 winning designs is now on sale!

You can find it right here;

And as promised, we have listed each image and the designer on our blog so your name will become famous. Have a look here:

I was mildly annoyed because, dudes, this is not what you promised, and so I emailed them (CC:d to all the other winners) to find out whether bios and links would still be collected. MOO replied quickly with:

Unfortunately at this time we are unable to display this information alongside the images in the pack. This week we made some fundamental changes to the site and the way that packs are created and images are displayed. These changes mean that the individual images in a Ready Made pack no longer have their own pages with room to include text. Currently we can only show static thumbnails of the images in a pack.

Sadly this means that we can’t include the additional designer information as we’d hoped.

Sincere apologies for that – and thank you for taking part

Now, I think it’s fair enough that they can’t display this information as they originally intended. HOWEVER, there are still several other avenues where they could include this information, including their many blogs – or even this page which currently is so ‘minimalist’ that it certainly doesn’t fill me with any desire to buy the pack. (although, I will and, indeed will *have* to, if I want any concrete memento of being a winner – MOO isn’t even comping the winners a free pack!)

Now, I’m first to admit that, in the grand scheme of things, a bio and link on the MOO website is not the be all and end all. My life will probably continue on the same path with or without it. However, it is what MOO promised us in the competition and I’m particularly annoyed that they weren’t up front about the fact that they wouldn’t be honoring that promise. My last email was almost a week ago and I have not yet had any reply. MOO try to promote a very “feel good” image (to go along with their admittedly “feel good” products). However, I have to say that MOO’s treatment of this winner (and presumably the other winners too) has not left me with the “feel good” feeling that they try to promote.

MOO Sticker Competition

7 May

MOO announced a sticker competition in April, looking for 90 designs for a custom-made and limited edition sticker book – the brief being to submit stickers that you’d want to stick on a laptop[1]. The prize wasn’t as *spectacular* as some of MOO’s previous competitions – a Flickr pro account and a bit of glory and so I decided to look through my photos and also some of the illos I did for benpeek‘s now (sadly[2]) abandoned Dialogues project (originally called Street Conversations), rather than spend huge amounts of time on new stuff. I’d also decided to get some sticker books because MOO had a three for the price of two sticker offer and so I picked a heap of images (mostly photos) for that and I chose five of them to enter into the competition.

Big Ben Amythest Telephone Lines Ciggie Colliseum

And low and behold – one of them was picked for the sticker book!!! Do you want to try and pick which one before I tell you?