MOO Sticker Competition

7 May

MOO announced a sticker competition in April, looking for 90 designs for a custom-made and limited edition sticker book – the brief being to submit stickers that you’d want to stick on a laptop[1]. The prize wasn’t as *spectacular* as some of MOO’s previous competitions – a Flickr pro account and a bit of glory and so I decided to look through my photos and also some of the illos I did for benpeek‘s now (sadly[2]) abandoned Dialogues project (originally called Street Conversations), rather than spend huge amounts of time on new stuff. I’d also decided to get some sticker books because MOO had a three for the price of two sticker offer and so I picked a heap of images (mostly photos) for that and I chose five of them to enter into the competition.

Big Ben Amythest Telephone Lines Ciggie Colliseum

And low and behold – one of them was picked for the sticker book!!! It was my ‘Ciggie’ picture (2nd from right), which means I’ll get free Flickr for a year and the glory of having a bio on the MOO website! I’m actually really pleased that one of my illustrations was picked, rather than one of my very pretty but completely fluke-ish photos (demonstrating luck rather than skill). I did consider whether to submit ‘Ciggie’ or not because it depicted a cigarette, which has certain connotations (even though this one is most decidedly stubbed out!!), but it’s definitely one of my favorite illos that I drew for the Dialogues. And I *didn’t* submit another of my favourite – a pen and ink of the electric chair from Sing Sing. Anyone who’s in need of an awesome electric chair illo, let me know… 🙂

The competition was run through Pixish, which I’ve heard good and bad things about. I can’t comment so much on the concept, but I did find the site difficult to navigate – hard to find stuff – and so I’m not sure I’ll be back there again unless there’s a specific competition that I want to be a part of. But, right now, yay me!!

[1] Actually, I’d prefer to keep *my* laptop pristine, but that’s just me 😉
[2] Or not!!? I was actually a bit shocked to see how crap some of the illos now appeared. Though perhaps this means I’ve got better??

4 Responses to “MOO Sticker Competition”

  1. andrewmacrae at 3:15 pm #

    i guessed it — great illo. i’d stick it on my laptop, if the colours were reversed. 😉

  2. kathrynlinge at 12:10 am #

    That could be arranged…

  3. andrewmacrae at 12:17 am #

    do you think it would still work, the other way around? if i had a white laptop, i’d definitely use it as-is, but my current one has a black case. . . hmmm, maybe that doesn’t matter.

  4. kathrynlinge at 8:02 am #

    it may not. I’ve done direct negatives of other images and they don’t look right cos all the highlights are wrong. But it’s an easy thing to check…

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