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Label for Vanilla Extract

29 Dec

My last project was to make up a quick label for the bottles of vanilla extract I’ve been making:

Label for Vanilla Extract

I did this in a couple of hours on Christmas Night. I thought an orchid would be appropriate, as that’s where vanilla beans come from. However I was also at my boyfriend’s – without internet – and so I was reduced to looking through my photos for reference material. Fortunately I found this wedding photo that actually worked out well (it’s an orchid, if not a vanilla orchid). A bit of tracing and some lazy font selection later, and I had a label. I printed them up on clear sticky labels and stuck em on 🙂

Vanilla Extract

I tried lots of colours – darker worked better than light, which I probably could have had worked out beforehand, had I thought through everything. Overall, though, I’m pleased with my efforts.

A Coat of Arms

29 Dec

My Dad belongs to a special German club, which I won’t try to explain too much about because it’s a bit crazy. However, as a fully-fledged member he needs a coat of arms. He’s been a fully fledged member for over a year, but he still didn’t have one so I took a couple of photos of some the other members’ coats of arms at their Xmas function (there’s a set layout) and made him one for Christmas.

Coat of Arms

Most of my time was spent tracing the knight from one of the photos, though I took some liberties with the colouring and highlights on the fabric. I used my Encyclopedia of Fonts to identify the font used (Old English ITC) so I could get the exact same one. The periodic table is all my own work 🙂

Recent Projects: The Spaceman Series

29 Dec

I completed a couple of Illustrator projects for Xmas.

First up, a sibling picutre for planeterry’s Luna Oddyssey, the Moonscape.


The Moonscape uses a bit more colour and I’ve actually rejigged the original to make it a bit more colourful too.

Planeterry: A Luna Odyssey

There is a third picture in the series, which is still in secret mode, but I’ll blog it in Feb when it’s recipient has received it 🙂