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New Spaceman in Town

19 Feb


I can now reveal the third picture in the Spaceman series, as alluded to in this post. Man in Space joins Luna Oddyssey and Moonscape and was commissioned by catundra, after she saw the original Luna Odyssey in the 2008 Swancon Art Show. It was a really interesting experience doing a new spaceman, some two or three years after the original. I felt I had better control over Illustrator, although most of the techniques I used were the same.

(You may also recognise Man in Space as the final destination of this)

(And there’ll be a copy of him in the 2009 Swancon Art Show 🙂

Tin Duck Nominations Now Open

14 Feb

Tin Duck nominations are now open ( There are three (3) ways to enter (including a very speccy web form). Items from last year’s Swancon art show may well be eligible for the Unpaid or Fan Art Category, and there’s a whole archive of the entries here, if you need a reminder.