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Ditmar Eligbility: Art

26 Apr

With just over a week of Ditmar nomming left (they close 4th May), I thought it was time to get my own nominations in order and also see if I could summarise what I know to eligible in both Professional and Fan Art Categories

Professional Art

benpayne did an excellent job of summarising a heap of small spress covers here:
(2012 cover by Cat Sparks, Aurealis #40 cover by Adam Duncan, Aurealis #40 cover by Adam Duncan, Canterbury 2100 cover by Nick Stathopoulos, Creeping in Reptile Flesh cover by Cat Sparks, Angel Rising cover by Cat Sparks, Borderlands 10, cover by Sarah Xu, Midnight Echo #1, cover by David Schembri??)

Tin Duck Nominations in this category were:
Magic Dirt Cover by Mike Mission and Russell B Farr ( – and it won)
Man In Space by Kathryn Linge (
Running the Nullarbor Cover by Manic Pixie (
The Cage by Christopher Phillips (Christopher’s tres awesome art can be seen here:
The Tockleys Cover by Manic Pixie ( – or check for bigger versions of both of Manic Pixie’s covers)
Well Obviously by Christopher Phillips (still awesome – see above)

Other nominations I’ve seen around the traps:
Andrew McKiernan for his gallery in Black Box

Fan Art
Much of the stuff in the 2008 Swancon Art Show will be eligible in the Fan Art Category (see here: angriest has suggested Nancy Lorenz for nomination and she had a number of pieces in the 2008 Art show (as well as a examples on her deviantart account here)

I did a couple of things during the year, but my major activity in 2008 was art and design for Contact: Swancon 2009, particularly the logo (as already posted about here). It won the Tin Duck (hurrah!) and other nominations in this category were:

Costume – Wasteland Steam Punk by Liz Grzyb (And a picture thanks to editormum
Costume – Zeetha by Pavla Walsh (have not seen)
Dragon Quilt by Calum Watson (
Fire and Ice by Lisa Rye (
Penguins with Balloons by Stephanie Cooke (
Shasta’s Picture by Melanie Tregonning (
Tardis In Vortex by Kathryn Linge (
Wasteland II: Age of Iron Flyer Set by John Parker (

Cat Sparks’ cover (and insides) for the Scary Food Cookbook was very cool (

And there was an amazing array of art produced for the Art the Scares You Fundraiser ( My favorites include:

Anna Tambour’s Noses (
Tansy Rayner Roberts’ ‘Daleks are A Girl’s Best Friend’ Bookmark (
Rachel Holkner’s Gumble Soft toy (

And, finally, other nominations I’ve seen around the traps:
Andrew McKiernan
Dick Jenssen (cover artist for Interstellar Ramjet Scoop, February 2008 issue)
Carol Kewley (cover artist for Ethel the Aardvark, February-March 2008 issue)
David L. Russell (for his body of work including illustrations for Steam Engine Time)
Sarah Xu (cover artist for Fannish Journeys)

I’m sure there’s much that I’ve missed, but at least it’s a start!
(Feel free to tell me more…)

Ditmar Nominations Now Open

14 Apr

(from David Cake, via natcon list)

Nominations for the Australian SF (“Ditmar”) Awards, are currently open and close on the 4th of May. The current Ditmar rules including award categories are available at (EDIT: or

Note that the Award categories have changed this year. Best New Publication in Any Medium replaces both Best Fan Production and Best Fanzine. The Best Fan Achievement and Best Professional Achievement categories have been replaced by a single Best Achievement category. Other changes have been made to the eligibility criteria for Best Collected Work and Best New Talent.

Nominations will be accepted only from natural persons active in fandom, or from full or supporting members of the national convention of the year of the award. Where a nominator may not be known to the Awards subcommittee, the nominator should provide the name of someone known to the subcommittee who can vouch for the nominator’s eligibility. Convention attendance or membership of an SF club are among the criteria qualify a person as active in fandom, but are not the only qualifying criteria – if in doubt, nominate and mention qualifying criteria. If you received this email directly, you almost certainly qualify. The current Awards committee is a sub-committee of the Natcon business meeting standing committee, and will rule on eligibility where it is unclear under the Ditmar rules.

Nominations can be made via email to or directly reply to this email.
Email nominations are preferred, but postal nominations can be made to:

6 Florence Road
Nedlands 6009
Western Australia

The Ditmars will be awarded at Conjecture, the 2009 Australian National SF Convention, details of conjecture can be found at

Farewell Swancon (plus Award!)

13 Apr

I have spent a fair chunk of the last year in the presence of the Contact: Swancon 2009 logo.

Swancon 2009 poster

It ended up on t-shirts, in powerpoint presentations, progress reports, the con book, on posters, flyers, mugs, membership badges, icons, banners and probably other things I’ve forgotten. And it was a really good experience (and fun!!) for me to be able to try out all these different formats. However, Swancon is over for another year and it’s now time to say farewell to it, the logo and also the experience of being on the Con committee!

I can’t say I *won’t* enjoy having a bit of time back for other things, but I really do feel glad to have been part of such a lovely and organised committee. I’m sure it definitely helped that many had been involved in a Concom before, plus the excellent institutional memory of some. I’m still in awe of how much time and commitment everyone put in, and the attention to detail. I am left with some great memories.

It was also very nice to be awarded the Fan Art Tin Duck for the logo. There were some great finalists in the category – and I’m sure I was helped by the fact that con-goers would have had a hard time escaping sight of it whilst they were voting, however it’s still really lovely to get acknowledgement on something I’ve worked hard on. The major highlight of the award ceremony for me, however, was Ju when she received the inaugural Chair’s Award. So very well deserved and her acceptance speech was very touching 🙂