Ditmar Nominations Now Open

14 Apr

(from David Cake, via natcon list)

Nominations for the Australian SF (“Ditmar”) Awards, are currently open and close on the 4th of May. The current Ditmar rules including award categories are available at http://sf.org.au/ditmar (EDIT: or http://wiki.sf.org.au/Ditmar_rules)

Note that the Award categories have changed this year. Best New Publication in Any Medium replaces both Best Fan Production and Best Fanzine. The Best Fan Achievement and Best Professional Achievement categories have been replaced by a single Best Achievement category. Other changes have been made to the eligibility criteria for Best Collected Work and Best New Talent.

Nominations will be accepted only from natural persons active in fandom, or from full or supporting members of the national convention of the year of the award. Where a nominator may not be known to the Awards subcommittee, the nominator should provide the name of someone known to the subcommittee who can vouch for the nominator’s eligibility. Convention attendance or membership of an SF club are among the criteria qualify a person as active in fandom, but are not the only qualifying criteria – if in doubt, nominate and mention qualifying criteria. If you received this email directly, you almost certainly qualify. The current Awards committee is a sub-committee of the Natcon business meeting standing committee, and will rule on eligibility where it is unclear under the Ditmar rules.

Nominations can be made via email to ditmars@conjecture2009.org or directly reply to this email.
Email nominations are preferred, but postal nominations can be made to:

6 Florence Road
Nedlands 6009
Western Australia

The Ditmars will be awarded at Conjecture, the 2009 Australian National SF Convention, details of conjecture can be found at http://conjecture2009.org

8 Responses to “Ditmar Nominations Now Open”

  1. random_alex at 2:28 am #

    That link’s not working for me…

  2. random_alex at 2:44 am #

    Works; can’t tell if it’s completely up to date though. Thanks!

  3. cassiphone at 5:15 am #

    I’m confused already – the press release refers to “Best New Production in any Media” as a fan award but on the wiki rules it’s “Best Fan Publication in any Medium”.
    The former seems a lot more inclusive than the latter…

  4. kathrynlinge at 5:16 am #

    According to later natcon emails I’ve just received, Media is a typo…
    Will fix that too.

  5. cassiphone at 5:19 am #

    The difference between ‘publication’ and ‘production’ was the thing I was really referring to …

  6. kathrynlinge at 5:24 am #

    Ah. Hadn’t actually read the wiki 🙂
    Have emailed natcon list for clarification

  7. kathrynlinge at 5:38 am #

    At 1:23 PM +0800 14/4/09, Kathryn Linge wrote:
    >On the wiki, reference is made to Best Fan Publication in any Medium, not
    >Can someone please clarify which is correct?
    The Wiki is correct.
    The rules on the Wiki are the official Ditmar rules that will
    be used to adjudicate this years awards (and
    http://wiki.sf.org.au/Ditmar_rules should in future years, as it has
    been in the past, updated to contain the current rules).

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