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Aussicon Art: The Water Nymph

13 Jul

Water Nymph

Things are moving along in my preparations for the Aussiecon Art Show (which is just as well – it’s only 6 weeks away!). I wanted to concentrate on pencil art for the show and this has taken me in a number of directions (some of them – ahem – not including pencils!). My first completed piece revisits a piece (and a style) that I have very fond memories of – the water nymph.   The water nymph uses the ‘magic’ pencil combination of blue, yellow, green and purple and was completed in a lovely afternoon at the V&A Museum in London (it involved tea and cake).  I’ve always wondered if the same sort of effect could be achieved with other colour combinations – most particularly with a set of metallic pencils I have, ranging from platinum to copper.  This was my chance to find out – and it turns out a combination of metallic (in this case – silver, gold, antique gold, and bronze), do work beautifully together, as long as you can also add black for effective shading (in the blue/yellow/green/purple combination,  this job is carried out by the purple).   Enter a black conte pencil, and the final effect is dramatic and shiny.