My Foot (Jan 2012)

6 Jan
My Foot by kathrynlinge
My Foot, a photo by kathrynlinge on Flickr.

Today I am finally getting my stitches out. I have been wearing bandages and this black velcro ‘shoe’ constantly (even to bed!) for the past 3 weeks so I am really looking forward to washing my foot. And not showering seated on a plastic chair. And bare feet. And watering the veges without putting a plastic bag over my foot.

My hip is looking forward to me wearing two identically raised shoes – the heel on my surgical shoe is ever so slightly different to the heel on all my *actual* shoes so I’ve been walking with uneven hips for the past week. Stretching helps…

2 Responses to “My Foot (Jan 2012)”

  1. terry at 6:54 am #


  2. Alicia at 9:15 am #

    Woot to your foot freedom! Sounds like it’ll be a huge relief. Enjoy (but take it easy 😉

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