Baba Ghanoush from a Can (Feb 2012)

27 Feb
Baba Ghanoush from a Can by kathrynlinge
Baba Ghanoush from a Can, a photo by kathrynlinge on Flickr.

This was a total impulse/novelty buy, but when I finally got aroudn to opening it, I was impressed by the smokiness of the eggplant inside, which I’ve never achieved in home made veriosn. Of course I then totally ruined it by adding too much lemon juice (it said add to taste). Fortunately I *kind* *of* remedied with additional tahini and cumin, but next time I’d just eat it straight…

2 Responses to “Baba Ghanoush from a Can (Feb 2012)”

  1. t. at 9:12 am #

    I’ve achieved the smokiness by (accidentally) overcooking (burning the crap out of) the eggplant before making and then having to carefully separate the cooked eggplant from the charred eggplant before tahining and lemoning.

  2. t. at 9:13 am #

    (I think that gave too much smokiness tho)

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