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Drawing Life: Monday Matador

28 Sep

Back to the sketch book today for Monday’s challenge.  The end result is a little less impressive than my recent digital art,  but I’m glad to be keeping up!

Drawing Life: Vacuum Cleaner

27 Sep

Yes,  this is Thursday’s challenge,  which I completed after Friday (on the following Monday :-o)   A couple of years ago I was doing quite a lot of strictly black and white drawings*,  and this was a bit of a nostalgia kick – other than the fact that they were all done in pen and ink and this  in Photoshop.  It’s a bit of a cheat because I (ahem)  traced the original picture.  Still, it served it’s purpose in giving me more practice with Photoshop and my tablet.  This week I’ll get back to pencil and paper and practice my drawing  🙂

Drawing Life: Vacuum Cleaner

*Of which,  I don’t seem to have posted any – must look into that…

Drawing Life: Friday Pug

26 Sep

A quick vector art Pug in Illustrator. Original challenge here:  (And, yes, Thursday is still to come!)

Drawing Life:  Friday Pug

Drawing Life Catchup (Wednesday)

25 Sep

My first attempt at ‘painting’ with Photoshop and my tablet.  Let’s pretend the watercolor effect was intentional 🙂 I need to learn how to better keep track of colours,  but otherwise I’m quite pleased!

DrawingLife- House- Wednesday Week 7

Drawing Life: Diva Tuesday

21 Sep

This is a lovely dramatic photo. However I stopped this before the arms got too wonky… 🙂

Drawing Life: Running Monday

20 Sep

Back to pencil (HB). I quite like this, but once again I am reminded that I must, *must* pay attention to proportion!!

Original challenge here:

Drawing Life: Friday Fish

20 Sep

I love today’s flying fish challenge – such lovely shades of silver and blue. It seemed appropriate to use one of my favorite techniques – a combination of metallic pencils (and black).

A lovely combination,  though it does tend to make a mess!

Drawing Life: Biro Machine

20 Sep

Drawing Life: Thursday 16th Sept

I fell in a heap towards the end of last week so I’m catching up with Drawing Life tonight.  First up,  the sewing machine!  The original challenge was a retro advertisement with lots of detail,  but I decided to concentrate on the machine itself. I chose biro, out of instpiration from Jessica and Grug’s lovely pen and inks!  Of course, mine looks nothing like theirs – I’m far to scribbly.  But you can’t rub out biro (easily) so it is a good way of learning to just commit to what you’re drawing.

(My photography remains a bit bodgy – an iPhone, in dodgy light, at night. But it’s by far the easiest way of getting my photos up so I’ll keep up with it for the moment!)

Drawing Life: Smudgy Lighthouse

15 Sep

Drawing Life

On a whim I used an 8B pencil for this.  I  think it gave the picture a lovely smudgy abstract feeling. Original challenge here:  I love Jessica’s pen and ink.  It reminds me of a van Gogh (without colour :-))

Drawing Life #2

14 Sep

Today, Women working on a bomber, 1942.  I decided to concentrate on a face. (I need practice on faces). About 15 minutes, pencil.

Original challenge here: