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6 Oct

A Stash of Culture

I’ve been thinking a bti about cassiphone‘s recent post on cultural stash – all the stuff in your head that you draw on to make something. In her case, she writes. In my case I, er, dabble 🙂 But I do think the general concept is the same. I have a certain sort of cultural stash because I am me – it’s heavy on science and maths and certain children’s television programs. It’s what I know and I do think it has a lot of potential. But I’ve realised that I *have* been adding to it, if not in the most structured manner. I have the ‘Encyclopedia of Fonts’ (must read it), books on colour, plus lots and lots of picturs that I get from galleries or cut out of magazines. ( And let’s not forget that one of the main reasons I bough Great Ideas II was for their covers!)

I’d like it if my collecting had more purpose, some sort of obvious direction, but it doesn’t. I’m hoping that it’s all going somewhere in my brain. I don’t really know if I understand that bit of my brain where my ‘art’ comes from. I’m just assuming it chugs along – mostly when i’m not looking – and I hope that it’ll pop out the occasional idea that will be useful in some way.

I’m not actually that thrilled with the top Cultural Stash image I did, but that’s what you get when you spend 15 minutes on something. Still it let me practice with the warp tool and transparency tool a bit – and the practice is needed. And it is possible to make strange and beautiful things from your cultural stash in short amounts of time…

A Stash of Culture

Can I repeat strange and beautiful cultural stash? Probably not – but I have a general idea how I did it and that idea can be stashed away… 🙂

The Fibonacci Shell

5 Oct

The Fibonacci Shell

(why does nobody believe me when I tell them maths is cool)


4 Oct

Psychoanalyse me. Why did I choose hate??

Round and round

BTW, my Encyclopedia of Fonts turned up. Seriously – it’s a book of fonts. I wonder if it’s even too hardcore for me.

Inspiration!! (of sorts)

4 Oct

I think this is really the sort of thing I actually want to do. Now if only I had something to say…

Round and round

(Ostensibly I’m learning how to use InDesign right now, but then I found the Type on a Path tool. Then I opened Illustrator…)

Happiness is…

22 Sep

The Encyclopaedia of Fonts 🙂

which I have just ordered. I ordered it in order to spend over 25 pounds and therfore get free postage on my main purchase Great Ideas II, which I’m buying for the ideas, but also for the cover art. I love the cover art.

I did toy with getting the box set of Great Ideas when it first came out, but at the time buying 20 books at once seemed excessive. I’m not sure what’s changed since then.

I think they’re all quite little books… :-O

At the moment I feel I am collecting tools (new computer, creative suite II, books, fonts!!). At some point I will have to apply them :-/


9 Jul

I am – off and on – doing some research. Fairly vague and ill-defined research to be sure, but reading things I wouldn’t normally and they’re all art-based (or being read with art in mind).

The first book, which I bought and read last year was Colour: Travels Through the Paintbox, which discussed different pigments and their historical source – lapis lazuli, ochre and purple dye from snails to name a few. Very interesting stuff, and it gave me appreciation of how brilliant and readily available synthetic pigments are today. But I’m still trying to work out where it fits in. Sourcing pigments and grinding them to make paint would be way cool, but it’s not something for me to be doing right now! I’ll wait til I’m famous.

The second book I finished this morning: Seven Deadly Colours: The Genius of Nature’s Palette and How It Eluded Darwin. This book was fabulous, and def appealled to my scientific nature. It discusses the development of colour in nature, specifically describing seven different mechanisms that can produce colour (I assumed it was all just pigment – no way!) Upper school physics taught me that there is no such thing as colour, but it’s an easy thing to forget. This book really reinforced the fact that colour really isn’t as certain as it seems – it’s all in our mind!! The author Andrew Parker had some interesting thoughts on visualisation, how we interpret colours, and how artists try to represent real life ‘structural’ colours using pigment. As an aside, I really like the cover of this book. I think the use of white is very striking. Again, no idea where this book sits, except in the back of my head…

The final book I have to read is: Colour and Meaning: Art, Science and Symbolism, which i’m assuming is more about colour and what it’s used to symbolise in history. I think I’m planning to read it after I’ve read the next Harry Potter. Harry is not art-based reading 🙂

A test.

17 May

This is but a test.