Jacob’s Ladder (April 2012)

10 Apr
Jacob's Ladder by kathrynlinge
Jacob’s Ladder, a photo by kathrynlinge on Flickr.

Jacob’s Ladder has ~ 240 steps and is a well known Perth exercise haunt. Today I went down and up 5 times, slowly. I am hoping to get quicker..


The Urban Orchard (April 2012)

9 Apr

Perth Cultural Centre: Urban Orchard

Perth Cultural Centre: Urban Orchard

I don’t get into the CBD very often, so it was actually a great surprise to me to see the Urban Orchard, in the Perth Cultural Centre. They had an impressive selection of thyme in their Mediterranean garden (I have 1).

Danger: Falling Morale (April 2012)

7 Apr
Guildford Hotel by kathrynlinge
Guildford Hotel, a photo by kathrynlinge on Flickr.

It was a real shame when the historic Guildford Hotel was seriously damaged in a fire back in 2008. But worse still, nothing has happened with the building since then – there is a public campaign to save the structure (http://www.savetheguildfordhotel.com/). I always feel sad when I drive by. (There is also a facebook page here:  http://www.facebook.com/savetheguildfordhotel)

T2 Refresh (April 2012)

6 Apr
T2 Refresh by kathrynlinge
T2 Refresh, a photo by kathrynlinge on Flickr.

I opened my new packet of T2 Refresh this morning. It looks like a really interesting mix! (Ingredients say: lemongrass, vervain, hibiscus flower, ginger, rosehip peels, juniper berries, ginger (again??), elderberries, papaya pieces, cinnamon pieces, safflower petals and marigold flowers). Taste is pretty complex.

The Faberge Big Egg Hunt (March 2012)

5 Apr
The Faberge Big Egg Hunt by kathrynlinge
The Faberge Big Egg Hunt, a photo by kathrynlinge on Flickr.

London was inundated with decorated eggs while we were there. We saw about 5 of them around Covent Garden and Leicester Square. Apparently there were 210 altogether, and they are all in Covent Garden this weekend (until April 9) http://www.thebigegghunt.co.uk/join-the-hunt/final-weekend

French Cheese (March 2011)

3 Apr

I swear this Eiffel Tour cheese grater is a *Totally* *Classy* Paris souvenir. (Available on amazon too, but EU Price is much cheaper than USD: http://www.pylones.com/famille.php?fid=326)

Well played, Air Malaysia, well played (March 2012)

2 Apr
Air Malaysia Biscuits by kathrynlinge
Air Malaysia Biscuits, a photo by kathrynlinge on Flickr.

A couple of years ago Qantas reduced the number of water crackers served on their in-flight meal on domestic legs from 3 to 2. This continues to be a disappointment to me, because the potion of cheese they provide used to fit *so* perfectly on 3 crackers. So I was *very* impressed to see that Air Malaysia provides *6* crackers per meal – and they were delicious too! Generally the food on Air Malaysia was very good.