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2 Nov

I’ve started a new semi-top secret project today. I’ve got quite a way to go on it still, however while I was setting up my illustrator file, I inadvertently made this:

"Pop Art" Spaceman

This isn’t really at all like I expect the final image to turn out. However, I though it was so cool that it deserved a post of it’s own (and it has def given me ideas for future projects!!)

Contact: Swancon 2009

7 Apr

Swancon 2009: Contact

The launch for Contact: Swancon 2009 was a couple of weeks ago and so the logo I designed (and all sorts of other info) is now no longer secret. In fact, the logo has been plastered on reports, websites, presentations and t-shirts! I’ve been really pleased with the positive feedback so far – someone’s even asked for an electronic copy for their phone 🙂

However, it’s not been seen in colour yet, so I thought I’d post that here. This picture is a 50:50 picture. All of it was done in Illustrator, however half (the left) was done with a mouse only, while the other half (the right) was the first thing I drew with my new graphics tablet! The tablet is great – I’ve got a lot more control of what I’m drawing and so (in theory) everything is quicker. My style is definitely different using it, thought I *do* need to spend some more time practising in general and also using the nifty pressure features the pen comes with.

My next big task for Swancon 2009 is to make up some poster designs and they’ll be in colour and so I’m looking forward to that. There’s lots to look forward to, actually. We had a planning meeting yesterday and there’s heaps of enthusiasm and good ideas (plus bananas!). I’ve got high hopes that it’ll end up being a really great con 🙂

(Was thinking of having a little competition to see who can work out what the logo is based on. But I think it’s pretty obvious, right??)

My MOO cards

8 Jul

My MOO cards
Originally uploaded by kathrynlinge

I got MOO cards made up from some of my recent artwork and am really pleased with how they turned out. While the scanned/electronic artwork turned out perfectly, it is pretty obvious that some of the others were just photographed. The white background of both naked pink man and naked blue boy (aka ‘boy with tumpet’) has come out grey. However, they were both photographed under *way* non-optimal conditions so it’s hardly surprising. It’s something to work on, if I decide I want to reproduce more stuff.