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Dalek Postcards – Arrived!

4 Jan

Dalek postcards

I finally received my Dalek postcards today and they’re even better than I expected! The colours have come out beautifully and they’re also laminated, which adds an extra dimension to the (shiny) Dalek. I donated three packs of ten cards to the ASiF! December Donation Drive and these will soon be winging thier way to catsparx, Garth Nix and benpayne. Congratulations on your excellent taste 🙂

(NB: Also received the greetings cards made from my Chrissy gum tree pics. I was so excited by the Daleks that I haven’t even looked at them yet, but expect some pics of them in the next day or two. Unless they’re awful :-O)

(I’m pretty confident they won’t be awful 😉


16 Dec

Check out my awesome Dalek! I drew him! (just finished…)

Dalek Postcard

This is how I drew him