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17 Oct

I put up 2 A4 prints for the Paul Haines artscaresyou auction. Somewhere along the way, a suggestion arose that perhaps it would be nice if they could be posters instead. This wasn’t quite what I was expecting, however I though posters would be awesome, so after some research, I got them printed last week and I picked them up yesterday.

Dalek and Tardis posters!

(Note the odd wrinkles on the bottom of the picture – they’re my feet on the bed 🙂

I sent the Tardis and Dalek to nonsensitor this morning (who’s been very kind about the extra time it’s taken to get them printed). However, I’ve also had another 9 Dalek posters printed up too – just in case anyone else might be interested. The posters are A1, printed on high quality photo paper (shiny!) and are $40 plus postage if required. This is in line with what nonsensitor paid and – to be fair – they weren’t much more cheaper than that to produce.

Plus they’re awesome!!!

Ditmar Modding

24 Mar

It was lovely to be awarded the Ditmar for Best Fan Art last night at the rather fabulous ceremony arranged by mynxii. The design of the award itself is… unusual. I can honestly say I never expected it to look like this, but I think it’s growing on me. (I think 🙂 Best of all, though, it required modification once I got it home, as they were not labeled when we got them. It had been recommended that we stick the label on with super glue, but I was a bit worried it’s make the ink run so I ended up using double sided sticky tape with great effect. Congrats to all the winners – I’m looking forward to modding the other ASif!/Twelfth Planet Press awards, as well as asimum‘s, if she’ll let me 🙂

Ditmar Modding

Finished Award

Ditmar Nom!

16 Feb

Dalek postcards

I’m really pleased that my Dalek postcards, drawn and printed for the 2007 Asif! Donation Drive, have been nominated for a Australian Ditmar Award, in the Fan Art Category.

Now, given there’s only one other nomination in the category, I doubt that this was the most competitive of categories. Indeed, I suspect it’s the least competitive! However, it’s still really nice to know that other people have liked the Dalek enough to nominate him. He says: “Thanks!” 🙂

The Ditmars will be awarded in just over a months time at Swancon, WA’s Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention. Interestingly, I’d actually planned to have the Dalek debut *at* this Swancon – as one of my entries in the Art Show. But then girliejones began running the Donation Drive, I thought ‘Dalek!!’, and the rest is history. However, the Dalek wasn’t the only Doctor Who inspired art I was planning for Swancon 2008. In fact, it seemed only appropriate to concentrate on a Doctor Who theme, given that Rob Shearman (a Doctor Who scriptwriter) will be a guest, and that a special photographic retrospective of 70 years of science fiction at the BBC will be exhibited (I’m really looking forward to this). So I guess anyone who is interested in viewing or, indeed, owning the Dalek or other Doctor Who related art, should definitely swing by the Swancon Art Show and see what I’ve come up with!

And Swancon 2009? Well that’s another story entirely.

(I’ll keep you posted on that one :-))

Dalek Postcards – Arrived!

4 Jan

Dalek postcards

I finally received my Dalek postcards today and they’re even better than I expected! The colours have come out beautifully and they’re also laminated, which adds an extra dimension to the (shiny) Dalek. I donated three packs of ten cards to the ASiF! December Donation Drive and these will soon be winging thier way to catsparx, Garth Nix and benpayne. Congratulations on your excellent taste 🙂

(NB: Also received the greetings cards made from my Chrissy gum tree pics. I was so excited by the Daleks that I haven’t even looked at them yet, but expect some pics of them in the next day or two. Unless they’re awful :-O)

(I’m pretty confident they won’t be awful 😉


16 Dec

Check out my awesome Dalek! I drew him! (just finished…)

Dalek Postcard

This is how I drew him