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A Coat of Arms

29 Dec

My Dad belongs to a special German club, which I won’t try to explain too much about because it’s a bit crazy. However, as a fully-fledged member he needs a coat of arms. He’s been a fully fledged member for over a year, but he still didn’t have one so I took a couple of photos of some the other members’ coats of arms at their Xmas function (there’s a set layout) and made him one for Christmas.

Coat of Arms

Most of my time was spent tracing the knight from one of the photos, though I took some liberties with the colouring and highlights on the fabric. I used my Encyclopedia of Fonts to identify the font used (Old English ITC) so I could get the exact same one. The periodic table is all my own work 🙂


2 Nov

I’ve started a new semi-top secret project today. I’ve got quite a way to go on it still, however while I was setting up my illustrator file, I inadvertently made this:

"Pop Art" Spaceman

This isn’t really at all like I expect the final image to turn out. However, I though it was so cool that it deserved a post of it’s own (and it has def given me ideas for future projects!!)


17 Oct

I put up 2 A4 prints for the Paul Haines artscaresyou auction. Somewhere along the way, a suggestion arose that perhaps it would be nice if they could be posters instead. This wasn’t quite what I was expecting, however I though posters would be awesome, so after some research, I got them printed last week and I picked them up yesterday.

Dalek and Tardis posters!

(Note the odd wrinkles on the bottom of the picture – they’re my feet on the bed 🙂

I sent the Tardis and Dalek to nonsensitor this morning (who’s been very kind about the extra time it’s taken to get them printed). However, I’ve also had another 9 Dalek posters printed up too – just in case anyone else might be interested. The posters are A1, printed on high quality photo paper (shiny!) and are $40 plus postage if required. This is in line with what nonsensitor paid and – to be fair – they weren’t much more cheaper than that to produce.

Plus they’re awesome!!!

Something Different

15 Oct

RACI Health Safety and Environment Banner

I’ve been involved with the Royal Australian Chemical Institute for years, most recently with the WA Health Safety and Environment Group. So when it was suggested that the group design a promotional banner, I was quite enthused. At 2 m x 90 cm (approx), this would be the largest Illustrator doc I’ve ever produced. Resolution had to be relatively high too so it prints nicely, which meant finding some supersize photos. The actual design was finished some time ago – months ago even! However, I didn’t get around to finding suitable photos until this week. For a while I was hoping that flickr could provide some creative commons licensed photos that I could use (with proper attribution, etc). However, flickr photos are, in general, just not big enough so in the end I turned to shutterstock, which has a huge array of stock photography for purchase. The banner itself has not yet been printed up (though I hope it will soon), but already the design is adorning gift tags, a powerpoint presentation and a letterhead. It’s amazing what you can do in an evening 😉

(Hopefully more exciting and large-scale printing developments in the next half hour or so, though probably won’t be reported here on lj for a couple of days…)

EDIT: Photos of the gift tags I made in action:

Gift tags
Gift tags

Swancon 2009: The Poster

2 Jul

Using the original logo, this is the poster I recently designed for Contact: Swancon 2009:

Swancon 2009 Poster

Supanova was held in Perth last weekend (see mynxii‘s post for a pretty cool wrap up of the event) and committee were there in force to promote Swancon to a bigger audience, with this as the flyer. I didn’t get there, mostly because of pressing deadlines (mostly met – hooray! 😉 so I haven’t actually seen the final product yet and I keep alternating between forgetting they actually exist and desperately wanting to see them. Hopefully I’ll be able get a couple to keep at the next committee meeting 🙂

(I really (really) like it, but I think I need to learn more cool effects for text…)

Book Cover Comp

18 Apr

So I was pottering around the internet last Saturday and found a competition to design a cover for a book that HarperCollins (UK) is putting out in a couple of of months: ‘The Last Days of the Lacuna Cabal’ by Sean Dixon. I love books – both reading them and as objects and would love to get into designing book covers. There wasn’t much time left, though, with just inder a week before the competition closed. After thinking it over for a couple of days, I spent a bit of time with ole faithful, Illustrator, and came up with this.

Lacuna Bookcover_final.jpg

It was an interesting experience to draw something based on a brief – the author had picked out four excerpts from the book and there was some other info provided too. The composition I came up with is quite different from the first ideas I had. And, oddly enough, it was inspired by the fact that I couldn’t find my ruler when I was doing preliminary sketches! (I was using protractor instead and that inspired the setting sun). The rest of the composition loosely incorporates elements of the tale laid out in the excerpts – the Jacob Lighter Building, and a the ferry boat particularly. Although the excerpts did hint that ‘The Last Days of the Lacuna Cabal’ had a dark edge to it, the overall impression I got was of a rather quirky and whimsical story. I *suspect* HarperCollins don’t actually want whimsical in their cover, though, and will probably go for something edgier than this.

Like many slush piles the entries range from those who couldn’t event follow the basic instructions (dimensions and the text that needed to be included) to some really good ones (I like this one). The competition closes in about 12 hours from now and I think the quality of the entries is ramping up in these last few hours. I’m really interested in see what they pick.

(And I already have ideas of what I else can do with the image, in the likely event that it doesn’t win 🙂