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girliejones – Le Corset Vert

8 Mar


I had a pretty clear idea of what girliejones picture would be from very early on. I was interested in doing a stylised acrylic picture for the art meme, as I’d started one 18 months earlier but never finished it[1]. I thought g-j would like that style and my original notes were:

stylised acrylic painting: still life, involving coffee cup. solid colours – purple/maroon

girliejones likes coffee 🙂 However, a couple of days after the art meme started, girliejones made this post on her knitting blog. Suddenly my brain started sparking all sort of french, slightly Moulin-y Rouge ideas revolving around corsets. I gathered reference material, both from my postcard collection and relevent sources and I started sketching. As seems to be the case with me, early drafts were overly complicated, but I simplified. And then I simplified again[2].

While girliejones draft was completed second only to the draft I did for planeterry, there was a looong period of silence between finishing the draft and starting the actual picture. True, I did manage to finish 4 of the other pieces in that time, but the real truth was I was scared of the acrylics. Well, not scared, but not *comfortable*. It was easy to keep putting it off. However, by the time I did get round to starting, I’d had a bit more experience with acrylics. And while that experience had (very) mixed success, it did start to fix in my mind how they work. I took it slow, ensured each layer was dry before starting the next and everything was OK.

With acrylics you can paint over and over, which makes them more flexible than watercolour. They dry fast too. However, I think I do prefer oils (says she who hasn’t actually used oils in 10 years!!) which don’t dry as fast so you can mix on the canvas, making gradients in tone and shade much easier. However, acrylics work really well for what I was trying to achieve in g-j’s picture – solid shapes of flat colour. Also, painting is much easier on a nice solid board than the canvas paper I used (though it *is* nice paper and I do like its texture). I taped the paper so there’d be a nice white space around the picture (not shown), which was nicely effective but not as pristine as I would’ve liked. Sadly the the paint bled under the edges of the tape so in some bits you can see the ‘history’ of colours I’ve used in the layers underneath. I’m torn between liking this ‘mini’ archaeology and wishing that the edges were neat. My colour mixing is still ad hoc. While I think the colours work well together, they weren’t really chosen by design. I’d like more control of the exact shade I use.

But I’m still really pleased with the picture. I like the texture of the the wall(paper) and think that the stylised curtain has come out well – better than I expected. The wood floor is a bloody masterpiece! I looove the dummy the best, despite the small error in perspective (!) But I’ll let you work out where that is for yourself…

[1]For ‘started’ read: painted a blue square on a piece of cartridge paper and never got any further…
[2] And the final is even simpler again, as even more details were removed.