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Material Acquisitions

2 Nov


That’s not a pencil…


this is a pencil!


I’m sure this pencil, from Prague (they have a lot of wood for sale in Prague), was made for the novelty value but I’m seriously gonna draw with it. One of the things we do in the life drawing class is think about the mechanics of drawing (as well as the looking). So we’ve been drawing without looking at the paper, without taking the pencil off the page, using our ‘wrong’ hand (in my case my right!), and using ‘implements’ to distance us from the page (more on that later)[1]. In this respect, I think drawing with a giant pencil is quite appropriate. Not quite so giant are the coloured pencils I also got in Prague. If the giant graphite is reaching 50 cm (seriously!), these coloured pencils are 20-30 cm tall.


I was too shy to take them to art class yesterday, but I will gird myself for next week.

Not from Prague, but these inks are very pretty and I got them today. Ultramarine, Violet, Plum. I’d be lying if I said the packaging didn’t sway me a bit, but I did want ink (more on that later too).


[1]Not all at the same time, these are separate exercises 😉