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Outside Food

20 Jun

One of the projects from my recent course was ‘Outside Food’. I went prepared with pictures of big pink flowers, but at the last minute decided to do these mushrooms instead:


I took the picture in the Lake district in September 2003 and it spent some time as the wallpaper on my computer desktop. We spent 1 lesson ‘workshopping’ colours and textures for the pic, and a second class actually painting. After then (April some time) it looked like this:


And that how it stayed for a couple of months. I was in two minds about whether I could consider it finished. I knew it wasn’t, but could I consider it finished? I really liked the candy colours (pink, purple, orange) but they weren’t really realistic and a bit jarring. I also really liked the grass effect, which is created using thick and textured white acrylic with many many layers of green ink (bought in a two for one and for which I had no real use before!) So I decided to make the tones and colours more realistic, which is what I’ve been doing for the past few days and I got this:


I think it’s relatively successful, but I do feel a bit blah about it. Also, not much of it was deliberate – most of the texture is through random acts of colour mixing. IRL, it’s very pretty, although I’m not sure I really captured the tone on some of the darker mushys up the back. It’s rather bland compared to the ‘first draft’ though and I think I’d like to do something more abstract, using the original colours. I do tend to get caught up in trying to copy whatever I’m painting exactly and so I’m sure a bit of abstract would do me good 🙂

Brian still has no eyes, but he’s next on my list. My portfolio needs to be finished for Saturday.