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Drawing Life: Monday Matador

28 Sep

Back to the sketch book today for Monday’s challenge.  The end result is a little less impressive than my recent digital art,  but I’m glad to be keeping up!

Drawing Life: Diva Tuesday

21 Sep

This is a lovely dramatic photo. However I stopped this before the arms got too wonky… 🙂

Drawing Life: Running Monday

20 Sep

Back to pencil (HB). I quite like this, but once again I am reminded that I must, *must* pay attention to proportion!!

Original challenge here: http://drawing-life.livejournal.com/8579.html

Drawing Life: Friday Fish

20 Sep

I love today’s flying fish challenge – such lovely shades of silver and blue. It seemed appropriate to use one of my favorite techniques – a combination of metallic pencils (and black).

A lovely combination,  though it does tend to make a mess!

Drawing Life: Smudgy Lighthouse

15 Sep

Drawing Life

On a whim I used an 8B pencil for this.  I  think it gave the picture a lovely smudgy abstract feeling. Original challenge here: http://drawing-life.livejournal.com/7869.html.  I love Jessica’s pen and ink.  It reminds me of a van Gogh (without colour :-))

Drawing Life #2

14 Sep

Today, Women working on a bomber, 1942.  I decided to concentrate on a face. (I need practice on faces). About 15 minutes, pencil.

Original challenge here: http://drawing-life.livejournal.com/7659.html

At Aussiecon 4, The Water Nymphs

11 Sep

WaterNymph I

Here are final (slightly skewed)  pictures of two of the pieces I produce for the Worldcon Artshow at Aussiecon 4 (I talked about them earlier here).

The Water Nymphs are reproductions of reliefs carved by Jean Goujon for the Fontaine des Innocents in Paris. The original reliefs are now in the Louvre, but plaster casts can also be found in the Cast Court of the V&A Museum in London. The V&A Museum is an inspiring place to sketch and the Cast Courts in particular are great place to explore tone and colour. It’s amazing the difference there is between colour tonal pictures and plain graphite or charcoal.

WaterNymph II

I first sketched  A Water Nymph back in 2006, using the ‘magic’ pencil combination of blue, yellow, green and purple and was completed in a lovely afternoon at the V&A Museum in London (it involved tea and cake). I’ve always wondered if the same sort of effect could be achieved with other colour combinations – most particularly with a set of metallic pencils I have, ranging from platinum to copper. This was my chance to find out – and it turns out a combination of metallic (in this case – silver, gold, antique gold, and bronze), do work beautifully together, as long as you can also add black for effective shading (in the blue/yellow/green/purple combination, this job is carried out by the purple). Enter a black conte pencil, and the final effect is dramatic and shiny. ‘These Water Nymphs are drawn on navy Canford card and they have been framed professionally.