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Farewell Swancon (plus Award!)

13 Apr

I have spent a fair chunk of the last year in the presence of the Contact: Swancon 2009 logo.

Swancon 2009 poster

It ended up on t-shirts, in powerpoint presentations, progress reports, the con book, on posters, flyers, mugs, membership badges, icons, banners and probably other things I’ve forgotten. And it was a really good experience (and fun!!) for me to be able to try out all these different formats. However, Swancon is over for another year and it’s now time to say farewell to it, the logo and also the experience of being on the Con committee!

I can’t say I *won’t* enjoy having a bit of time back for other things, but I really do feel glad to have been part of such a lovely and organised committee. I’m sure it definitely helped that many had been involved in a Concom before, plus the excellent institutional memory of some. I’m still in awe of how much time and commitment everyone put in, and the attention to detail. I am left with some great memories.

It was also very nice to be awarded the Fan Art Tin Duck for the logo. There were some great finalists in the category – and I’m sure I was helped by the fact that con-goers would have had a hard time escaping sight of it whilst they were voting, however it’s still really lovely to get acknowledgement on something I’ve worked hard on. The major highlight of the award ceremony for me, however, was Ju when she received the inaugural Chair’s Award. So very well deserved and her acceptance speech was very touching 🙂


17 Oct

I put up 2 A4 prints for the Paul Haines artscaresyou auction. Somewhere along the way, a suggestion arose that perhaps it would be nice if they could be posters instead. This wasn’t quite what I was expecting, however I though posters would be awesome, so after some research, I got them printed last week and I picked them up yesterday.

Dalek and Tardis posters!

(Note the odd wrinkles on the bottom of the picture – they’re my feet on the bed 🙂

I sent the Tardis and Dalek to nonsensitor this morning (who’s been very kind about the extra time it’s taken to get them printed). However, I’ve also had another 9 Dalek posters printed up too – just in case anyone else might be interested. The posters are A1, printed on high quality photo paper (shiny!) and are $40 plus postage if required. This is in line with what nonsensitor paid and – to be fair – they weren’t much more cheaper than that to produce.

Plus they’re awesome!!!

Something Different

15 Oct

RACI Health Safety and Environment Banner

I’ve been involved with the Royal Australian Chemical Institute for years, most recently with the WA Health Safety and Environment Group. So when it was suggested that the group design a promotional banner, I was quite enthused. At 2 m x 90 cm (approx), this would be the largest Illustrator doc I’ve ever produced. Resolution had to be relatively high too so it prints nicely, which meant finding some supersize photos. The actual design was finished some time ago – months ago even! However, I didn’t get around to finding suitable photos until this week. For a while I was hoping that flickr could provide some creative commons licensed photos that I could use (with proper attribution, etc). However, flickr photos are, in general, just not big enough so in the end I turned to shutterstock, which has a huge array of stock photography for purchase. The banner itself has not yet been printed up (though I hope it will soon), but already the design is adorning gift tags, a powerpoint presentation and a letterhead. It’s amazing what you can do in an evening 😉

(Hopefully more exciting and large-scale printing developments in the next half hour or so, though probably won’t be reported here on lj for a couple of days…)

EDIT: Photos of the gift tags I made in action:

Gift tags
Gift tags