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Vector Magic – Aiiee!

2 Jan

I spent a good two plus weeks, several hours a day producing this image:

Christmas Day

It’s a mish mash of a couple of different photos, including this one:

Gum Tree reference

However, about half way through, Boing Boing had an article about Vector Magic, which converts photos to vectors. OMG!, I thought at the time, what’s the point of me doing this, if a computer will do it for me???

Anyway, I tried it out a week or so ago and got this in, like, 30 seconds:


It was an interesting exercise. After drawing it, I’m *really* familiar with this pic, so some bits of of the vectorised picture just jump out of me. This is a much more complicated image than what I was able to do – the background is just so detailed. However, the limitation of Vector Magic is that you just get a vectorized picture of whatever you submit – you can’t modify it in anyway. For example, the baubles I drew in the final picture were actually from a different photo. So, all up, I’m ok with the fact that it takes me much (much) longer to make a vector image. I’m still hanging out to see the cards I produced from my gum tree pics – hopefully thay’ll turn up some time this week!