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Drawing Life: Vacuum Cleaner

27 Sep

Yes,  this is Thursday’s challenge,  which I completed after Friday (on the following Monday :-o)   A couple of years ago I was doing quite a lot of strictly black and white drawings*,  and this was a bit of a nostalgia kick – other than the fact that they were all done in pen and ink and this  in Photoshop.  It’s a bit of a cheat because I (ahem)  traced the original picture.  Still, it served it’s purpose in giving me more practice with Photoshop and my tablet.  This week I’ll get back to pencil and paper and practice my drawing  🙂

Drawing Life: Vacuum Cleaner

*Of which,  I don’t seem to have posted any – must look into that…

Drawing Life Catchup (Wednesday)

25 Sep

My first attempt at ‘painting’ with Photoshop and my tablet.  Let’s pretend the watercolor effect was intentional 🙂 I need to learn how to better keep track of colours,  but otherwise I’m quite pleased!

DrawingLife- House- Wednesday Week 7